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Apprentice campaign from pro:Holz Austria – BRO HOLZ & SISTA WOOD

Big campaign out in Austria for the wood association pro:Holz: By giving insights into the industry, young people should be attracted to start their career working with wood. Funny billboards all around the country drag people's attention - also at our mills in Ybbs & Bad St. Leonhard! Our wood technician Kevin took Bro Holz & Sista Wood around our CLT production in Ybbs to explain his daily job routines and what working with wood makes so special to him. Check out the video from the prominent visit. (Video in German)


Stora Enso was exhibitor at the BAU Munich fair 2019

In January 2019, Stora Enso was exhibitor at the BAU Munich fair for the first time. There, we presented the planning office of the future and could thrill our visitors by showing them our digital tools. With those tools we want to make the whole process transparent and efficient – from the raw material in the forest to the re-usage and recyclability of the building. One highlight was definitely our virtual reality-glasses that allowed a “real” look into the building before it’s even built. This was developed as part of the “heal lab” (healthy and affordable living lab) together with the Finnish start-up Trä Group. The ambition of the cooperation is to create a platform for different stakeholders to develop products, applications and solutions to make healthy and affordable living become a reality.
Additionally, our Business Development Manager in Germany had the chance to share his expertise on CLT with the architectural online magazine “archipineon”.  Video


Office Concept by Stora Enso

Let´s discuss how we can make your vision a reality. Choose a renewable future!



Skyscrapers made from wood

By 2050 the world’s population is expected to soar to almost 10 billion people and two-thirds of us will live in cities. Space will be at a premium. High-rise offers a solution. But concrete and steel – the materials we currently use to build high – have a large carbon footprint. Wooden skyscrapers are an ambitious and innovative solution to the problems posed by urbanisation. Not only are they faster to build, they also have smaller carbon footprints than high-rises made of concrete and steel.


Choose the climate, choose renewable materials

Products made from renewable materials are a part of the solution to global warming. Your choice matters.



International House Sydney, Australia

This video presents impressions of International House Sydney, an office building constructed largely from Stora Enso CLT. The multi-storey structure is situated directly next to the port in the Barangaroo urban development area.



Winter Cabin Mount Kanin in Bovec, Slovenia

In this impressive video you will see that the solid wood product CLT by Stora Enso is also an ideal construction material for difficult and extreme locations


Hotel extension with CLT by Stora Enso

The video clip shows the two-storey CLT extension of Hotel Reimar in Sant Antoni de Calonge (Girona, Spain). A total of 500 m³ of CLT by Stora Enso was used to complete the building work which took place from October to December 2016. The main reasons for using CLT were its low weight and short construction time thanks to the high level of prefabrication.



What a tree can do

The world needs a new approach to materials. Stora Enso develops and produces a range of packaging, pulp, wooden building solutions, paper and biomaterials derived from wood. But we’re not stopping there. We believe that anything made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. Have you ever thought about what a tree can do? Watch our film and find out.


Why wood?

The Finnish timber industry produces and distributes high-quality timber products throughout the world. The manufacture of timber products has a long tradition. A wide selection of products is available, ranging from sawn timber and engineered timber products to home accessories and furniture.



Imagine a world without Stora Enso

What would the world be like without Stora Enso and its products? Our short film will give you a clue.



Library at the Dock - Time-lapse Video

See below the time-lapse video of the construction of the first public CLT building in Australia.



CLT Library at the Dock – Melbourne, Australia

The video below features the long awaited Library at the Dock.



Wood City

Un barrio entero de diseño único y un espíritu urbanita y comunitario en Jätkäsaari, en el casco urbano de Helsinki. Wood City está formado por un edificio de oficinas, un hotel y dos bloques de apartamentos en torno a un espacio central. Todos los edificios se elevan ocho plantas. Los promotores de Wood City son Stora Enso Wood Products, la empresa de construcción SRV Group y el departamento de promoción inmobiliaria de Helsinki (ATT).



La innovación forestal europea: trazando la vía hacia una economía verde

Esta película destaca el modo en que Finlandia está dando un ejemplo acerca de la ordenación forestal sostenible y cómo las numerosas y variadas innovaciones derivadas del sector forestal de Finlandia pueden ayudar, no sólo a Finlandia, sino también al resto de Europa, al logro del objetivo de reverdecimiento de sus economías. La madera, a diferencia de los combustibles fósiles, es un recurso renovable, ya que los árboles se regeneran como resultado de la siembra de semillas, la replantación y la regeneración natural.



La madera es el material de construcción del futuro (Wood is the building material of the future)

En este vídeo se explica qué es el CLT, sus ventajas y sus campos de aplicación.



Centro de interpretación de la Naturaleza de Haltia, Nuuksio, Finlandia

El centro finlandés de interpretación de la Naturaleza se inauguró en mayo del 2013. Abajo podrá ver un vídeo sobre este evento.



Impulso a la construcción de madera con elementos modulares

Este vídeo explica la forma de producción modular que tenemos en nuestra fábrica de Hartola. La película está en finlandés con subtítulos en inglés.



La construcción de madera. Vías de futuro

Aquí presentamos el vídeo sobre la exposición «La construcción de madera. Vías de futuro».



Michael Green: Why we should build wooden skyscrapers («Por qué deberíamos construir rascacielos de madera»)

El arquitecto canadiense Michael Green explica en el vídeo siguiente porqué deberíamos construir rascacielos de madera