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Wood reduces CO2 emissions

Building in the most energy- and resource-efficient way is in everyone’s interest. Widely available everywhere, wood is a natural and sustainable raw material which grows back faster than it is used up. In Austria, trees produce enough wood every 40 seconds to build a timber house. During its growth, a tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A building constructed with solid wood stores carbon for centuries. At the same time, with the help of solar energy and photosynthesis, new trees grow back and absorb more carbon. 1 m³ of wood stores approx. one ton of CO2, thus the use of wood plays an active role in reducing the greenhouse effect. A timber house which is disassembled after centuries of use does not leave behind worthless rubbish, but rather utilisable wood. Individual elements can be reused, while scrap wood can be used as a source of energy.



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