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Update CLT by Stora Enso: The new ETA 2019 certificate is here!

On the occasion of opening the new production site in Gruvön/Sweden, the ETA (European Technical Assessment) has been updated. Changes are mainly focused in correlation with the new manufacturing site, that have to be included into the appendix of the ETA or the ETA itself. A prerequisite is, however, having executed tests on the material that is produced at the new site.
At the below link, you will find a detailed comparison of the amendments made. The currently applicable ETA for CLT by Stora Enso is therefore “ETA-14/0349” (07.01.2019).
Click here for further information.

Stora Enso will bring renewable materials to Seefeld Nordic World Ski Championships 2019

The renewable materials company Stora Enso will be the Presenting Sponsor for FIS Nordic World Ski Championships from 19 February to 3 March 2019 in Seefeld (Austria). The sponsorship provides Stora Enso with the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable sports event and showcase its renewable solutions in various applications. For more information about the event, click here.

Photo: Austria Ski WM- und Grossveranstaltungs GmbH

Stora Enso takes part in Bau Munich 2019

BAU Munich is the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems and will be taking place from 14 to 19 January 2019 in Munich (Germany). Every two years, the construction fair is the meeting place for the entire construction industry. Over 250,000 participants from more than 45 countries meet together at this event — and Stora Enso is part of it. We will be showcasing our wood products and online DigiTools for timber design and structures on our dedicated stand.

Photo: Messe München GmbH

New CLT mill taking shape in Gruvön

Stora Enso’s investment in production unit for CLT in Gruvön, Sweden, is proceeding according to investment schedule. The construction of the new CLT mill located alongside the Gruvön sawmill started with groundworks in October 2017. “We want to be role models in using wood in construction. Other than the groundwork and reinforced concrete columns, we are building the whole new mill out of CLT by Stora Enso,” says Pär Larsson, the Mill Manager for Gruvön. “I think this is a unique opportunity we have here to build our premises sustainably,” he continues. The production is scheduled to begin during the first quarter of 2019. Stora Enso announced in July 2017 that it will invest EUR 45 million in a new production unit for cross laminated timber (CLT) in connection with its Gruvön Mill in Sweden. The investment will further enhance Stora Enso’s position as a global provider of high quality engineered wooden elements and as a market leader in CLT.

Stora Enso participates at the URBAN FUTURE global conference 2018

Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities — the URBAN FUTURE global conference — takes place from February 28th to March 2nd, 2018 in Vienna. The world’s most passionate city changers — over 3,000 participants from more than 50 countries — meet at this event and Stora Enso is part of it. We are showcasing our wood products at a dedicated stand and participate in a speaker’s session about how to enable innovative buildings.

Click here for our Press Release.

NEW: Study: The future of Timber Construction – CLT (Cross Laminated Timber)

This study serves to identify present and future trends relevant to the future of timber construction. If the terms naturalness, comfort and ecology are considered in the context of using materials for building future-oriented architecture, then it becomes apparent relatively quickly that this must concern the raw material wood. Wood is trending: it is renewable, can be used in many ways and makes a contribution to climate protection as part of our responsibility to the generations after us. It seeks to widen the perspective of issues already known to the industry and raise awareness of social and technological developments and trends. This study develops an exciting perspective, highlights prospective opportunities and potential. A “Must read” for everyone who wishes to be actively involved in shaping the future of the timber construction industry.

Click here for the study.

Urban Greening

As our societies become increasingly urbanised, wood-based products and solutions have enormous potential to help make cities around the world more liveable through ‘urban greening’. A few years ago, I attended a conference on city design and became very interested in how modified wood products could be used to improve urban environments for city dwellers – particularly in hot climates where the use of wood is limited.
In the summer, cities and congested areas with little greenery, and large amounts of metal, glass and concrete, become significantly hotter than the surrounding countryside. This ‘urban heat island effect’ increases the energy used for air conditioning, and can make life very uncomfortable for city dwellers.

For more information about Urban Greening, click here.

Renewability Blog
Duncan Mayes,
VP Group R&D & Technology, Stora Enso Oyj

Stora Enso sponsors the 2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

As Finland prepares to celebrate 100 years of independence, Stora Enso is engaged as the presenting sponsor of the Nordic World Ski Championships from 22nd February to 5th March in the Finnish town of Lahti. We lead the way towards an ecological future with our innovative and high-quality building material, CLT, produced at Ybbs an der Donau (Austria).

Having built the administration building for the World Championships in the Swedish town of Falun in 2015, Stora Enso, the leading provider of renewable solutions in wood, paper, biomaterials and packaging, once again points the way towards greater sustainability at the Nordic World Ski Championships. Austria also plays a critical role at the championships where a wooden shelter or “Laavu” has been built with CLT produced in Austria. The shelter is an example of best practices in using CLT to meet strict architectural demands. “It is particularly important to raise public awareness of sustainable building, and the Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti provide a great opportunity to present Austrian expertise to a wide international audience”, says Herbert Jöbstl, SVP of Stora Enso Wood Products in Central Europe. 700 athletes from 60 countries competing for medals and around 500 million television viewers from all over the world will see the Stora Enso logo displayed throughout the entire competition as well as on the race bibs and the banners running along the side of the race tracks.

Stora Enso launches a new CLT design software – Calculatis

The new design software, Calculatis by Stora Enso, was launched in November 2016. All existing modules from the company’s previous software, CLTengineer, remain unchanged. However, the new software package has been enhanced and now includes new design modules. It is now also possible to calculate the dimensions of the most popular types of fastener for use with CLT. Structural fire design has been expanded to include the criteria, integrity (E) and insulation (I). It is now also possible to perform building physics calculations, and as an initial step, a U-value calculator has been integrated. In addition to all the technical upgrades, enhancements have also been made in terms of the materials that can be dimensioned with the software. For instance, it is now also possible to perform measurements on LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber). In terms of calculation standards in structural engineering, the software package has been expanded to include the Swiss standard, SIA.

Click here to access the design software.

Stora Enso at the World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE) 2016

The World Conference on Timber Engineering is set to take place in Vienna from 22 to 25 August 2016. The organiser, Vienna Technical University (TU), is expecting 1,300 participants at the world’s largest timber construction event. This is the most prestigious venue for presentations and discussions around the latest technical and architectural developments and innovations in the timber construction industry. The renowned international event attracts researchers, architects, engineers, consultants and building contractors, entrepreneurs, project developers, manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world.
At the Stora Enso stand in the Arcade Court of the University of Vienna we will be exhibiting the following products:

- LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber)
- CLT (Cross Laminated Timber)
- and KVH (solid structural timber)

We look forward to welcoming you at the conference.
For more information about the event, click here.

New panel design for CLT by Stora Enso

As from 1 June 2016, the design of the 3-layer 80 mm CLT panels (80 C3s and 80 L3s) will be converted as standard to 20–40–20.The former design (30–20–30) of this type of panel will remain in the systems, but must be explicitly specified when placing an order.
Click here to see our CLT standard structures.

Building Systems by Stora Enso

Stora Enso is the leading Building Solutions provider in wood construction.

Buildings Solution is part of Stora Enso’s Wood Products Division. The goal of Building Solutions is to be the leading building solutions provider in wood construction and the forerunner in related technology development.
To make this happen, Building Solutions promotes Building Systems based on building components like CLT or LVL and is going to develop different building systems for different building types. Today the focus is on 6 main countries: Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden and United Kingdom. It means that our Building Systems include country specific details according to domestic regulations like fire safety or acoustic requirements.

All our building systems are driven by a cost competitive analysis. This competitiveness is the main priority to be successful. This exercise is done with our customers and specifiers in domestic markets. We also develop all our Building Systems together with a recognized 3rd party, well known by customers or specifier.
The first Building System to be launched is the Residential multistorey Building System, which covers construction with panels. This system allows construction until 8 storeys as a standard version and could be made until 12 storeys with some adjustments. It is also the first time in the wood industry where we have an architectural guideline linked to a building system. It allows specifier to understand the way of building with wood systems and to find options feasible for wood construction. This Building System is explained in a complete manual emphasizing different chapters:

» The manual details all phases from designing to maintenance of the buildings. It covers also the building physics issues for different countries. Thermal, acoustic, seismic and fire topics are also covered in the manual.
» The erection of our Building Systems is also described in our manual.
» Sustainability is one of Stora Enso’s core-value. We know that building with wood is a key success factor to fight against climate change.
» This new Building System is the best way to show how the carbon footprint could be improved if you use our Building components. We provide all arguments with carbon footprint or EPD documents to be the most sustainable building system ever done.

Stora Enso is promoting a new approach on Building Systems by launching a full open Building System with tools and manuals. It’s a new way to be a market maker in wood construction and pushing forward a European market development.
Each Focus country has a contact person for all specifiers to explain these new Building Systems. Don’t hesitate to contact them to find the right answers for your countries:


Stora Enso to sponsor the Lahti 2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

The renewable materials company Stora Enso will be the presenting sponsor of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti in 2017. Stora Enso and Lahti2017 together aim to lead the way in promoting and supporting sustainable events. The Finnish city of Lahti will host the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2017 for a record seventh time. The Championships will take place between 22 February and 5 March 2017. The pre-World Championships, World Cup games in cross country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined will be held on 19-21 February 2016, also in Lahti.
“This collaboration is especially important to Stora Enso because we have a long history in Finland even before the country’s independence in 1917,” says Karl-Henrik Sundström, CEO of Stora Enso. “We are honored to have a role in creating a successful international sports event in the year that Finland celebrates 100 years of independence.”
“Sponsoring the Nordic World Championships in Lahti is a great match for us because our roots are in the Nordic forests where cross country skiing takes place. We can contribute greatly to a sustainable event with our renewable materials: packaging, biomaterials, wood products and paper.”

Stora Enso launches a new CLT design software – CLTengineer

Free online tool to assist with the planning and structural design of timber construction projects involving cross laminated timber (CLT). Stora Enso’s CLT has proven itself over many years as a sustainable construction material for the future. To enable architects, structural designers and carpenters to get the most out of the innovative material and accurately design floors, roofs, columns, beams, headers, supports, continuous beams or CLT panels, Stora Enso is now offering, free of charge, the platform-independent online tool, CLTengineer. Based on the latest knowledge from materials research and extensive investigations into the load-bearing behaviour of cross laminated timber, CLTengineer is an indispensable planning tool for timber construction engineers.

CLTengineer replaces the former “CLT Design” tool, and boasts greater functionality
Until now, Stora Enso’s “CLT Design” software already offered design principles for cross laminated timber which were intensively used by engineers for the most varied projects. Users can still carry out the same structural calculations in CLTengineer. However, in addition, these modules have now been upgraded to include national annexes of the Eurocode series of standards as well as new functionalities.
Besides functionality, CLTengineer also scores highly with its attractive design and user-friendliness. The results of all structural calculations can be displayed, for example, in short or long format and, if required, they can also be downloaded as a PDF and printed out.

Click here for CLTengineer.

National Architecture Awards 2015, Australia

The Australian Institute of Architects is the peak body for the architectural profession in Australia, representing 12,000 members. The Institute works to improve our built environment by promoting quality, responsible, sustainable design. It gives voice to the profession through advocacy and engagement with the built environment, and supports architects in their professional practice.
42 projects shared a total of 46 national honours in the coveted Awards program spanning 14 diverse categories. The jury, chaired by the Institute’s Immediate Past President David Karotkin, selected the winners after creating a shortlist from the 185 eligible projects following the Chapter Architecture Awards held earlier in the year. The National Architecture Awards have been held annually since 1981. These awards are the most prestigious in the design and construction industry. The National Architecture Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements and excellence in architecture and the event is sure to be a spectacular occasion.

Puukuokka awarded with the Finlandia Prize for Architecture – constructed with Stora Enso CLT

The Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA) has awarded Puukuokka with the Finlandia Prize for Architecture in 2015. This eight-storey wooden building located in the city of Jyväskylä has been jointly realized by Stora Enso and Lakea. The architectural design is made by OOPEAA Architects. The award-winner was selected by the Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho.
”Puukuokka unites the aspects that I value in architecture as well as in life. Puukuokka is a bold and ambitious work including new construction technology, but it is also humane and aims toward ecological choices and improvement of quality of life,” comments Kaija Saariaho on her motivation for the selection.
”The Finlandia Prize for Architecture is a great honor for wooden construction. We are extremely proud to participate in the realization of Puukuokka and at the same time promoting modern wooden construction,” Jari Suominen, Head of Stora Enso Wood Products says.

Wooden housing is pleasant for all senses
Kaija Saariaho was pleased by the comprehensiveness of Puukuokka: ”I chose a building that pleased me intuitively and corresponds to my aims and values. Visiting the home of one resident, its coziness and outstanding acoustics confirmed this for me. Puukuokka is a building where I enjoyed myself with all my senses.” The 8-storey Puukuokka is constructed with modular CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) elements produced by Stora Enso Wood Products Hartola unit. The building includes 58 apartments that provide a pleasant living environment utilizing renewable building materials.
“Wood is the building material of the future for sustainable living,” Jari Suominen concludes.
The Finlandia Prize for Architecture was established in 2011 by SAFA, the Finnish Association of Architects. The Finlandia Prize for Architecture is awarded to a design or renovation design for an outstanding new building or building complex that has been completed within the past three years. The Prize promotes the appreciation of high-quality architecture and highlights the importance of architecture in producing cultural value and increasing well-being.

Click here for more information!

NEW: Stora Enso CLT with a choice of special surfaces

Stora Enso CLT in pine, larch, silver fir and Swiss pine are the four new special surfaces which will complement the Stora Enso CLT product portfolio in the future. The new special surfaces are applied as a 20 mm additional layer in visible quality and thus offer our customers a greater choice of wood species. They also offer an additional advantage in saving time at the construction site as they are pre-fabricated at the plant. The CLT elements are delivered with dimensions of up to 2.95 m × 16 m directly to the construction site.

Click here for more information.

Five CLT multi-storeys rising in Trondheim, Norway

Five buildings, each nine storey high are soon to be raised with CLT in Trondheim, Norway. “Moholt 50/50 is already the third location where we are building wooden multi-storey houses for students in Norway,” says Bernd Troppmann responsible for the Norwegian market at Stora Enso Building Solutions. The first deliveries arrived Trondheim beginning July and in total 75 truckloads full of wall elements and 50 train wagons of floors and roofs resulting in 6,500 m³ of Stora Enso CLT. These five nine storey student houses will be accompanied by a library building and a kindergarten. According to the plan, it will take only three quarters of a year to finalize. Trondheim is the third Norwegian University city after Haugesund and Remmen where Stora Enso Building Solutions is providing CLT for student houses. Norway has a long tradition of building with wood.

Click here for more information.

Statement on Sustainability – CLT at Expo in Milan

“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” – that’s the theme of this year’s World Expo in Milan. Some 20 million visitors are expected. From 1 May to 31 October 2015, 145 nations and five international organisations will be presenting new technologies and pioneering ideas in their pavilions, each covering an area between 500 and 4,500 m² in size.

Slovenian pavilion built with Stora Enso’s CLT
Particularly eye-catching is the Slovenian pavilion with its theme “I feel sLOVEnia, Green. Active. Healthy,” which has been constructed primarily from wood and glass. The architects have combined a wood frame construction with load-bearing CLT elements produced by Stora Enso. It is no coincidence that CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) was chosen: The building material is considered a true all-rounder in the timber industry. And with its wooden pavilion Slovenia is consciously positioning itself as a country with a rich “wooden heritage.” On the one hand, Slovenia is one of the most densely wooded countries in Europe. On the other hand, wood as a material looks back on an ancient tradition here.
The world’s oldest wooden wheel, for example, was made around 5,200 years ago in Slovenia. CLT as a product, however, represents the most innovative technology in wood construction.

CLT inspires audiences at Expo 2015
The wooden pavilion, which covers an area of 800 m² was constructed by the Slovenian architectural practice “Sono Architects”. Sono Architects unites a new generation of young architects, who are committed to the construction of modern, high-quality buildings. The basis of these buildings is a mix of architectural theory, including research studies, the search for suitable locations as well as constant testing of modern materials and new construction methods. The pavilion’s pyramidal design with its geometric shapes evokes the landscape of Slovenia, where alpine mountains, Pannonian plains and Mediterranean hills combine to create fertile farmlands. This rich cultural landscape is represented by five prismatic gables.
Stora Enso’s CLT was chosen because: “It is a building material that is perfect for quick and clean constructions. The high degree of prefabrication shortens the construction period, reduces dust and noise pollution while also saving on costs,” says Herbert Jöbstl, SVP of Stora Enso Wood Products GmbH in Central Europe. Furthermore, the Expo’s theme is almost an obligation to adopt ecological values and sustainability. The country pavilions should create harmony between nature and progress as well as innovation and tradition. Slovenia’s contribution represents an intact ecosystem, in which natural resources are key for sustainable nutrition and quality of life.
In addition to the generous amount of space created inside the pavilion, there is another crucial advantage: The healthy climate in wooden buildings has been shown to have positive affects on human well-being. CLT creates a good ecological balance because wood is a renewable resource, which stores CO2 long-term. The timber used by Stora Enso in the production of CLT comes from certified sources. The pavilion’s building safety was also an important consideration and one that is fully addressed by the use of CLT elements in the construction.

Photo: Sono Architects

Stora Enso sponsoring the Future Materials & Systems seminar at VISION London

VISION is the event for architects, specifiers, clients and suppliers held in London 2-3 June 2015. Stora Enso is sponsoring the Future Materials & Systems seminar stream and hosting 2 events as part of that.
The first on 2 June will be the Future City, Future Wood series where we look at how London and other world cities are using CLT for city regeneration. At the second event on 3 June two of our senior R&D engineers will share the latest fire research – invaluable information for anyone wishing to build in CLT, and launch “CLT Engineer”, a free to use, advanced and user friendly design software that enables users to perform efficient structural analysis for CLT structures.

Stora Enso team will also be on Stand 110 at VISION.
Click here for more information.

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, constructed with Stora Enso CLT awarded in the European Museum of the Year Award 2015 ceremony

Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, built using Stora Enso’s cross-laminated timber (CLT) boards was one of the six winners in European Museum of the Year Award 2015 ceremony. It is also the first meseum awarded with Special Commendation for Sustainability. The first prize, European Museum of the Year Award 2015 went to Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia was praised on the role not only of educating young people about nature, but also addressing the question of man’s capability to cope on this planet, and carries a message for the future about the possibility of long term sustainability. From its building materials to its energy-saving green technology, Haltia has been planned as an exemplar for the relationship between man and nature. The construction method and material choice are important aspects of the eco-friendliness of the nature centre. Thanks to Stora Enso’s CLT, the building is air-tight and protected against moisture, and it has good thermal and acoustic properties. Heating, cooling and lightning are also implemented with minimal energy usage. The round shape of the building, for example, diminished the heating waste in winter and the positioning of the terrace reduced cooling in the summer.

More business in Varkaus mill site

For 33 years, the hall was equipped with Paper Machine 4 (PM4) producing newsprint. Today, it is a quiet and dusty place. The echo fades away before reaching the other end of the 300 metre long building. But that will change. The premises will soon be brought back to life when Stora Enso invests in a new LVL production line creating new job opportunities for the region. Varkaus is a location where transformation is clearly visible for Stora Enso and the forestry industry. In the former PM4 building, Stora Enso Wood Product’s will start a production line for wooden building elements during the second quarter 2016. The line will produce LVL panels based on peeling technology. ”LVL is a mature and well-known technique, but Stora Enso’s innovation enables cost-efficient wooden building elements as a complement to CLT in non-visual applications. LVL will expand our product portfolio and strengthen our market position in building elements,” explains Jari Suominen, Head of Stora Enso Wood Products.


Beneficial location

Varkaus has been at the heart of the Finnish forest industry for decades, and was chosen for the new production line for numerous reasons. “Varkaus is an ideal location for this kind of production.  Besides utilising the available premises and the industrial infrastructure and efficient logistics, we see a clear benefit in terms of raw material availability and wood sourcing optimisation. The panel production will be using spruce and birch, partly also in sizes that we have not been able to utilise to the fullest before,” describes Mill Director Jarkko Tehomaa from Varkaus. In terms of logistics, on top of good road and rail connections the in-site harbour at Varkaus will enable efficient exports. The estimated total employment impact for the region is 150 full-time jobs, out of which approximately 80 will be directly employed by Stora Enso. “I’m very pleased to announce this investment which opens up new opportunities to Varkaus region and our employees,” says Tehomaa.


Building the future

In about a year from now, the empty premises of the old PM4 as well as the nearby storage and thermo-mechanical pulp plant premises will be filled with new equipment. It will not be quiet anymore. After a three-year ramp-up phase, the production line will have a yearly capacity of 100 000 m³. “The panel production line, together with the newly invested container board machine will bring Varkaus production close to the high peak years back in the ‘old days’. We will use mainly the same raw material, but the big difference is that we are producing something else. The end product is different,” Jarkko Tehomaa says. The total investment to the new wooden building element production line will be EUR 43 million. With this, Stora Enso strengthens its position as a global provider of high quality engineered wooden elements. “We believe in wood as the building material of the future. Wood is energy efficient, renewable and carbon-neutral. Engineered wood products are key in tomorrow’s wood products offering. As the population continues to grow and non-renewable raw material resources decrease, wood offers a sustainable solution to fulfil the needs of construction industry,” concludes Suominen.


New Varkaus integrate in figures:

Saw Mill white wood timber 260 000 m³
Pulp Mill unbleached kraft pulp 310 000 t/a *)
Paper Mill containerboards 390 000 t/a *)
LVL Mill LVL 100 000 m³/a (start-up 2016)
Personnel current 350 (including Efora maintenance operations)
LVL 80
Wood Usage spruce, pine, birch approx. 2,1 million m³ (after investments)

*) after mill conversion to containerboards Q4/2015

Stora Enso sponsors the Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun, Sweden

The Nordic World Ski Championships will take place from 18th February to 1st March 2015 in Falun, Sweden. Stora Enso is the international sponsor of the event. 

The Nordic World Ski Championships is expected to welcome some 200,000 visitors and to be watched by over 500 million TV viewers. The Nordic Ski Championships will provide us at Stora Enso with an excellent opportunity to advertise ourselves as the “global rethinker of the biomaterial, paper, packaging and wood products industry”. Our involvement is multi-faceted: on 21st February, the Stora Enso logo will be visible during two competitions – the men’s and women’s skiathlon. The logo will be displayed on competitors’ race numbers and on the banners along the side of the race track. The administration building for the World Championships in Falun was also built with Stora Enso CLT. This climate-smart, two-storey building impressively underlines the World Championship’s approach to sustainability. The Stora Enso logo is also clearly displayed on the building. Various marketing documents have been created to support the sponsoring of the event such as advertisements communicating various headlines in line with our “Rethink”, “Take the lead” and “Do good for the people and the planet” values. A fantastic sponsoring opportunity for Stora Enso!

Stora Enso Building Solutions UK joins TRADA (Timber Resarch and Development Association)

Stora Enso Building Solutions in the UK has joined the Timber Resarch and Development Association with a focus on developing the market for CLT through TRADA’s key industry position as the main body for timber research and development. The aim is to maximise availability of Stora Enso’s technical CLT information via the Association’s website, publications and events. TRADA has some 1500 members from across the construction industry including architects, engineers, contractors and other specifiers. The range of membership benefits offered by TRADA fits with UK Building Solutions’ strategy to raise Stora Enso’s profile through the provision of best quality, accurate and up to date technical information to architects, engineers and other specifiers. “We’re exploring new ways to strengthen our brand and make sure that we are in pole position to tap into the growing interest in CLT.” Explains Wayne Probert, UK Sales and Marketing – Building Solutions.

Click here for the membership certificate.
To view the Stora Enso profile click here.

Future City, Future Wood – London, UK

More than 140 construction industry experts met at The Building Centre in London on 23 October for “Future City, Future Wood” – a one day Seminar and Masterclass hosted by UK Stora Enso Building Solutions.The event, which is the third in Stora Enso’s ‘Future Wood’ series, focused on Cross Laminated Timber’s increasing use for major UK and international projects and provided a technical overview for specifiers of CLT’s key benefits.  The day saw an international line-up of guest speakers including Richard Cook, Head of Residential Development at Lend Lease UK, Neil Winstanley of Spine Architects GmbH and Vesa Oiva of Finnish architects AOA presenting case studies including London’s Elephant & Castle, Barmbek – a community self-build project in Hamburg and Helsinki’s unique “Wood City”.
Also on the agenda was CLT’s suitability for specialist educational and health applications where health & wellbeing is a major design consideration.  This issue was illustrated by Amir Ramezani of Avanti Architects and Wayne Riley of Mouchel Babcock Education who presented the case study for the London Borough of Hackney’s newly completed Ickburgh School for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties.
» Click here for more information

Australia Timber Design Awards 2014

Store Enso Wood Products received at the “Australia Timber Design Awards 2014″ for the project “Library at the Dock” two awards in the categories “Public or Commercial Building” and “Sustainability”.

New Stora Enso CLT advertisements

In June, five new CLT advertisements were launched, covering various topics such as CO2 reduction or fast construction times due to high levels of prefabrication.

The advertisements have been translated into various languages and will be used in selected timber trade journals and architectural magazines or on various exhibition stands. Click here to access the five advertisements.

Fire resistance: sensational failure time of CLT clad with gypsum plasterboard

The fire resistance rating of timber components is determined during exposure to fire on the inside of a room predominantly by interior cladding. To increase the fire resistance of structures such as wall, ceiling or roof elements, plaster building materials (gypsum plasterboard, etc.) are generally used as, even if they are not very thick, they provide effective protection.
Effective protection is particularly based on the combined crystal water in the panels’ gypsum core, which has a concentration of approximately 20%. Energy is consumed by the evaporation of this crystal water, and a protective steam curtain is also formed on the fire-exposed side of the panel. In addition to delaying the spread of fire, the dehydrated gypsum layer also acts as insulation through the declining thermal conductivity.
Fire protection plasterboard also contains glass fibre which reinforces the gypsum core and ensures structural cohesion when exposed to fire.
European standard EN 1995‑1‑2, or its national requirements and supplements, specifies equations for determining fire resistance. Based on previous tests on timber frame constructions, these equations are used to determine two key times: the time when charring begins behind the gypsum plasterboard cladding, and the failure time of this cladding.
However, several large-scale fire tests performed in recent years on clad CLT elements have overshadowed the failure times of gypsum plasterboard determined according to the standards. The large-scale fire tests revealed significantly higher failure times for plasterboard fire protection directly attached to Stora Enso CLT elements. These times have been confirmed in an expert opinion and may be used when designing structures in accordance with EN 1995‑1‑2. For example, in the case of 12.5 mm-thick gypsum plasterboard, vertical components reached a failure time of 55.0 minutes rather than the 31.5 minutes determined according to the standards. In turn, this signifies a considerable advantage with regard to the charring depth or residual cross-section to be determined.
These higher failure times only apply to fire protection plasterboard in accordance with ÖNORM B 3410 or DIN 18180, or to type F and DF gypsum plasterboard in accordance with EN 520 directly attached to Stora Enso CLT wall elements.
More information on the failure times of gypsum plasterboard and the corresponding calculation methods can be found in the comprehensive document “CLT documentation on fire protection”.

CLT can also be used in a different way – as a supporting material for façade elements

The Austrian company, GAP solutions, is specialised in providing intelligent façade solutions for the sustainable restoration of buildings.

At the end of 2013, an apartment complex in Graz (Austria) was converted into a passive house using pre-fabricated solar façade elements. Stora Enso CLT was chosen as the supporting material for these façade elements. For this project, 600 m³ of pre-cut, non-visual quality CLT was delivered to the company Kulmer Bau (Pischelsdorf, Austria) where the façades were mounted onto CLT elements under the critical eye of the quality controllers, GAP solutions. The company Kulmer then mounted the pre-fabricated façade elements onto the buildings in situ. GAP solutions opted for CLT because, as a supporting material, CLT offers structural advantages and simplifies installation. Furthermore, the residents did not have to move out at all while the renovation work was going on. This project is a wonderful example of the broad range of possible uses for CLT.

Stora Enso sponsors “international WOODDAYS” in Milan, Bratislava and Ljubljana

WOOD. “Building the future” is the motto of an international road show that positions wood as the construction material of the future in towns and cities. In the cities of Milan, Bratislava and Ljubljana, the ten-day intensive programme focuses on growing urbanisation and smart, resource-efficient densification with wood. A compact exhibition in a wooden walk-in container, the WOODBOX, located right in the heart of the city showcases examples of forward-thinking wood architecture in Europe. Wood provides smart solutions in high-density housing, for the extension of existing structures and for renovations. As a renewable resource which stores carbon­, wood fulfils all the criteria demanded by ecological building today. Stora Enso is one of the sponsors of Wooddays – a proHolz Austria initiative.

Photo: proHolz Austria

2013: a year full of awards for Stora Enso CLT

For Stora Enso Wood Products, last year, 2013, was literally outstanding in several ways: numerous CLT projects received timber construction awards in Finland, Great Britain, Slovenia and Austria.

CLT was also used by Stora Enso Wood Products in the winning project of the Solar Decathlon competition. “We are delighted with the awards and prizes, as they bring attention to outstanding construction projects while demonstrating how universally applicable CLT actually is. Thus, Stora Enso Wood Products lives up to its reputation as a global pioneer in timber construction”, explains Herbert Jöbstl, Managing Director of Stora Enso Wood Products GmbH in Central Europe. The following CLT projects won prizes. Our heartiest congratulations!

Styrian Timber in Construction Awards 2013
The “Graz line main workshop” project won the “Besser mit Holz” (“Better with wood”) category in the Styrian Timber in Construction Awards 2013. The building was constructed by the company Kulmer Holz-Leimbau GmbH.

Carinthian Timber in Construction Awards 2013
In the Carinthian Timber in Construction Awards 2013, the Fenster Dreier GmbH company headquarters were honoured by the jury with a recognition award.

Slovenian Timber in Construction Awards 2013
In Slovenia, Stora Enso CLT projects were able to win over the jury in three out of four categories, and were awarded prizes for the best residential building, the best public building and the best industrial plant in the country’s first ever state Timber in Construction Awards.

Finish Timber in Construction Awards 2013
In the Finish Timber in Construction Awards 2013, the Nature Centre Haltia in Helsinki was honoured for the contemporary and subtle use of timber through innovative technologies such as CLT and Q-Treat by Stora Enso.

UK – Timber in Construction Awards 2013
Stora Enso was awarded the renowned English Timber in Construction Awards for the Cranleigh Health Centre in Surrey in the “Health Care Project of the Year 2013” category.

Solar Decathlon 2013
Solar Decathlon is the prestigious international competition for sustainable building organised by the U.S. Department of Energy. Built with Stora Enso CLT, the 2013 winning project – LISI – was designed by Team Austria.

Nature Centre Haltia wins the Finnish Wood Award 2013

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia has won the 2013 Finnish Wood Award (Puupalkinto)! Main reasons for the first place were a strong and modern presence of wood, the subtle way of using wood and innovative solutions, such as CLT technology, Q-Treated wood (both from Stora Enso) and excellent energy solutions.

Timber in Construction Award – Winner 2013

The Cranleigh Health Center, Surrey, United Kingdom – built out of Stora Enso CLT did win the Timber in Construction Award 2013 in the category “Health Care Project of the Year 2013”.

We are very proud of this award as this underlines our success in the UK.
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Air tight already with 3-layers

Stora Enso CLT – Massive Wood Elements are convincing again on the issue of air tightness. This was confirmed by the Technical University of Graz with their recently done tests.

Air tightness tests in 2008 already showed impressive results of Stora Enso CLT – Massive Wood Elements: “The investigated joint configurations and the solid wood panel as a whole showed high air tightness. Due to the low permeability the volume of air passing through the two different types of joints and through the continous CLT was too low to be measured”. In the recent study by the Technical University of Graz, it has been analysed what effects may be caused through wood drying cracks and deeper mechanical millings in CLT solid wood panels on the performance of air tightness. Again could be detected, that in a three-ply element in the test laboratory according to European standards, despite cracks and millings no air flow through the element can be measured!

These confirms the enormous advantage of Stora Enso CLT that it is not only air tight in 5-ply or more ply lay-ups, this property is already given in 3-layer elements! This is a massive advantage of Stora Enso CLT.

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Build all year round with Stora Enso CLT

CLT opens up new perspectives for the building industry, enabling construction work to continue throughout the year.
Austria’s building industry is subject to strong seasonal fluctuations as employment figures and productivity directly depend on weather conditions. Year after year, around 70,000 employees are made redundant during the winter months because the number of orders falls rapidly towards the end of the summer. In recent years, the early onset of winter and long periods of cold weather have severely afflicted construction activities and made the building season even shorter.
However, all is not lost thanks to CLT solid wood elements which have successfully demonstrated that building work can continue even throughout the cold winter months. Stora Enso, the market leader, supplies internationally acclaimed construction projects directly from its factories. CLT enables a high level of prefabrication and offers virtually boundless possibilities in terms of construction concept, style and architecture. Many elements can be prefabricated in the factory and this reduces construction times at building sites by up to 40%. In addition, the prefabricated elements can be assembled in all seasons. CLT is the construction material of the future and offers building industry companies and employees huge potential, providing them with a sustainable alternative when it comes to adapting to changing weather conditions.
According to a survey carried out by the opinion research centre market in 2010, the popularity of wood as a building material is steadily increasing. As many as 80% of those questioned have a positive attitude towards wood. In the private construction sector, the construction of timber houses has increased by 10% since 2009, and the trend towards wood is also evident in the municipal development sector. CLT plays out its strengths particularly in larger construction and urban development projects. Whether for loft conversions or multi-storey buildings in urban spaces, more and more builders are opting for CLT. This is great news for the building industry, as the more CLT is used as an all-year-round building material, the more positive the effect will be on seasonally fluctuating unemployment and economic uncertainty.

Earthquake simulation

A three-storey CLT building was exposed to different earthquake simulations on a shaking table. The test building passed all 32 tests with flying colours.

In February 2013, the stability of a building in solid wood construction made of cross-laminated timber (CLT) was tested in an exceptional test in Lisbon. A shake table put a three storey solid timber construction of just less than eight meters to the test during several simulated earthquake tests. Particular attention was paid to the connections between the wooden elements which are put under particular strain in the event of an earthquake. The tested building was just less than eight meters high with a surface area of around 90 square meters distributed across three rooms over three storeys. A total of 32 earthquakes were simulated, including approx. 15 above 0.2 g and one which, at one point, even accelerated to 0.8 g. After all the tests had been performed, the building revealed no significant damage which goes to show that CLT is the ideal building material, especially for earthquake-prone areas.

CLT project in Graz, Austria

Twelve CLT buildings in a wood/clay construction and with visible CLT ceilings are emerging directly in the heart of Graz. The three-, four-, and five-storey buildings will use a total of 4,400 m³ of CLT, of which 2,000 m³ will be in industrial visible quality. A total of 143 apartments will be built, many of which will have gardens or balconies. The project has been awarded “klima:aktiv GOLD” certification and includes an alternative energy concept whereby energy can be exchanged with a connected supermarket. The project also includes an electric mobility concept.

Library at the Dock, Melbourne, Australia

The first public CLT building, which will be called Library at the Dock, is currently being erected in Melbourne, Australia. Victoria Harbour’s new library is an outstanding architectural feature which fulfils all sustainability requirements and is due to be given the highly sought-after Five-Star Green rating under the Green Building Council of Australia. Building work should be completed in December 2013 and the library, which forms part of a larger infrastructure project, will open its doors to the public in early 2014.