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Office Concept by Stora Enso

Let´s discuss how we can make your vision a reality. Choose a renewable future!



Skyscrapers made from wood

By 2050 the world’s population is expected to soar to almost 10 billion people and two-thirds of us will live in cities. Space will be at a premium. High-rise offers a solution. But concrete and steel – the materials we currently use to build high – have a large carbon footprint. Wooden skyscrapers are an ambitious and innovative solution to the problems posed by urbanisation. Not only are they faster to build, they also have smaller carbon footprints than high-rises made of concrete and steel.


Choose the climate, choose renewable materials

Products made from renewable materials are a part of the solution to global warming. Your choice matters.



International House Sydney, Australia

This video presents impressions of International House Sydney, an office building constructed largely from Stora Enso CLT. The multi-storey structure is situated directly next to the port in the Barangaroo urban development area.



Winter Cabin Mount Kanin in Bovec, Slovenia

In this impressive video you will see that the solid wood product CLT by Stora Enso is also an ideal construction material for difficult and extreme locations.


Hotel extension with CLT by Stora Enso

The video clip shows the two-storey CLT extension of Hotel Reimar in Sant Antoni de Calonge (Girona, Spain). A total of 500 m³ of CLT by Stora Enso was used to complete the building work which took place from October to December 2016. The main reasons for using CLT were its low weight and short construction time thanks to the high level of prefabrication.



What a tree can do

The world needs a new approach to materials. Stora Enso develops and produces a range of packaging, pulp, wooden building solutions, paper and biomaterials derived from wood. But we’re not stopping there. We believe that anything made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. Have you ever thought about what a tree can do? Watch our film and find out.


Why wood?

The Finnish timber industry produces and distributes high-quality timber products throughout the world. The manufacture of timber products has a long tradition. A wide selection of products is available, ranging from sawn timber and engineered timber products to home accessories and furniture.



How can you recognize the best material of all?

This short, entertaining video explains why wood is the best material of all and why no other material has a smaller carbon footprint than wood.


Imagine a world without Stora Enso

What would the world be like without Stora Enso and its products? Our short film will give you a clue.



Library at the Dock - Time-lapse Video

See below the time-lapse video of the construction of the first public CLT building in Australia.



CLT Library at the Dock – Melbourne, Australia

The video below features the long awaited Library at the Dock.



Boosting wood construction with modular elements

This video explains our modular concept at our factory in Hartola. The video is in Finnish with English subtitles.



CLT usage in Australia

This video is provided courtesy of ABCNews.



Building Technologies | CLT - Cross Laminated Timber explained

This video is provided courtesy of NBS.

Stora Enso CLT - Bridport House



Wood City

An entire quarter full of unique design and urban community spirit in Jätkäsaari, downtown Helsinki. Wood City consists of an office building, a hotel and two apartment blocks, with a courtyard in the middle. All buildings are eight storeys high. The developers of Wood City are Stora Enso Wood Products, construction company SRV Group and the Helsinki Housing Production Department (ATT).



European forestry innovation: charting a path towards a green economy

This film highlights how Finland is setting an example in sustainable forest management and how the many and varied innovations emerging from Finland's forestry sector can help, not only Finland, but the rest of Europe, in achieving the goal of greening their economies. Wood, unlike fossil fuels, is a renewable resource, because trees regrow as the result of seed sowing, replanting and natural regeneration.  Finland's work in developing innovative wood products, is demonstrating how wood can be used as a greener option not only in traditional industries such as construction and pulp and paper production.



Wood is the building material of the future

This video describes the CLT product, its advantages and areas of application.



Nature Centre Haltia, Nuuksio, Finland

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia was opened in May 2013. Watch the video below.



Bridport House, London, United Kingdom

Built in London in 2012, Bridport House is an eight-storey building made of CLT and, as such, is one of the largest ever CLT projects. Watch the video of the project here.



Building with timber – Paths into the future

Watch the video about the “Building with timber – Paths into the future” exhibition (Bauen mit Holz – Wege in die Zukunft) here.



Michael Green: Why we should build wooden skyscrapers

Enjoy below video from the Canadian Architect Michael Green on "Why we should build wooden skyscrapers".